Is Your Business

Storm, Flood

& Fire Ready?

You should probably be asking yourself the following questions:

  • What if I have no power and do not have my server or computers, can I still do business?
  • Do I have supplies I need for that?  Notepads, Pens, (You know, old school stuff…)
  • Do I need a generator?  By the way, your battery backups can only carry you a little while, so its probably smart if the Storm is coming our way to power down your system overnight so it shuts down gracefully and protects your databases from corruption.
  • Can I run at an alternate location?  We could move your system to a house or other building as long as Internet is there. 
  • Do I have a list of important numbers, addresses, passwords, etc printed off and ready?  You know you have all those things on the computer, but what if you can’t get on your computer for five days?  Better print them off now.
  • Would you need a supply of cash if electronic banking or ATM’s were not available for repairs, supplies, or even payroll for employees?
  • Have I cleaned the remnants of last years Christmas party out of the company fridge?  (If that stuff gets warm, it’s gonna stank!)

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